About Us

SHE is... Solid House Entertainment.

Straight outta Nova Scotia, Canada, SHE is an organically grown network of industry players committed to supporting the development and growth of a sustainable and thriving underground house music community. SHE offers a tiered structure of services that allows artists to choose a level of membership that matches their industry needs. As a member of our ever expanding network, SHE will help members build more meaningful relationships by connecting them with the reach and resources required to maximize production, music signing, booking and promotional opportunities, while maintaining artist/label/agent autonomy, and participating more actively in their career development.

SHE recognizes that technological innovations and the subsequent digitization of the music industry have caused a shift in music consumption patterns from a model of ownership to one of access, which presents particular challenges to artists, producers and labels trying to make a living. Along with this shift, the rise of social media and other DIY platforms have made it easier for artists to launch their brand, drop releases and reach audiences, leading to an unprecedented influx of amateur artists and labels into the market. Ironically, this shift, and the increased speed and volume of production and resulting releases, also led to the unintended consequence of watering down professional reach and business opportunities, leading many artists to drown before establishing the audience base, brand recognition, and networking connections required to build sustainable careers.

SHE is built on the foundational belief that an artist management cooperative, that facilitates a more inclusive, horizontal network of mutually beneficial partnerships driven by increased connectivity, decentralized ownership and more diversified revenue streams, offers a much needed alternative to traditional management pyramids that centralize power, control and profit, and rely on outdated models of ownership and revenue generation.

In the new economy, it takes a village. As such, SHE believes that cooperation, collaboration and collective organization are the building blocks for a stronger, more successful and sustainable future for everyone. By sharing reach, resources, and risk, we can raise one another up while strengthening the roots of the whole community. Our goal is to hustle hard on behalf of our collective, managing our network of reach, resources and opportunities, so members will have more time and energy to invest in cultivating craft, collaborating in projects, and participating in the creative processes that foster innovation, deliver deeper resonance, and add value to the music that feeds our souls.

SHE is housewerk baby, and SHE’s gonna werk that house for you!